SSGT provide the following services throughout USA:


Build or repair minor construction of buildings, roads, parking lots, bridges, painting, windows and the gates etc.

Tent Bases:

We provide high quality of anti-storm, water resistant, two or three layers Tents in any size needed (18' x 18', 18' x 36', 40' x 60', 32' x 72' ...etc) including delivery, load and offloads, erecting, flooring (wooden with or without plastic tile cover, easy set-up) Electric wiring (sockets, switches, lighting) and Electric Control boxes, A/C unit and Sand bags (tent protectors).

HESCO Barriers / Fencing:

Experienced work staff to install mesh, chain link or concrete fencing (repair or new), any size of HESCO Barriers with approved material such as: Soil, Sand, Dirt, Sand bags Bunkers, Retaining walls, Security shack, and huge selection of Concrete Barriers for added security.

Medical Products Procurement:

Medical & Hospital Equipment.

IT products and services:

CCTV System, Call Center & Help Desk Management, Computer Related Products, Printers and Most Electronic Equipment.

Connex and LSS:

We sell, deliver and install Connex containers for offices, living spaces, laundry facilities, work areas, storage bays; LSS (Latrine Shaving and Shower) include full services). The Containers come is various sizes to choose from such as 40ft, 20ft,10ft. These containers can be doubled stacked and built in accordance with the client’s needs.


Certified plumbers to provide complete plumbing services to include installation, repairs, winterization, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance, Septic services, inspection of piping system, the water or septic tanks, sum pumps & etc.

Advertising & Printing:

We provide Billboard, Tri-vision, Pull signs, Banners, Flyers, all Offset and digital printing and publishing materials of all sorts.

Connex Bases:

We have Engineers to plan and build a complete Connex Base with full services O&M, BOSS (Base Operating System Support). This can be an Accommodation Base or Work Facilities with any additional facilities, such as MWR, Laundry room, showers, etc.

Electric wiring (repair or new):

Installations, repairs, troubleshoot electric boxes, maintenance panels, and ECU units (Electrical Control Unit), etc.

Septic and Sewer System:

Black/Gray waste water removal, potable and non-potable water supply. (Full Services).

Solid Waste:

Provide Large sized receptacles containers, removing unserviceable equipments, largo item removal, and any refuse that will not fit into trash receptacle. Daily, weekly, monthly pick up as may be required.

Heating and Air Conditionings:

We provide the single or split A/C, UCU Units, Installations, Operations and Maintenance, Trouble Shooting and repair services.

Laundry Services:

Complete Washer and Dryer setup and installation, full O&M services includes: washing, drying and folding of the clothes from turn-in by until returned back to the customer.


We sell and rent any type of Generators, which includes delivery, installation, repair and O&M.


Bottled water, Bulk drink water, MRE's, etc. Anything type of commodity is available and can be delivered to any location or FOB.


We provide (sell, delivery and free assembling) the Office Desks, Tables, Comfortable, Rolling Chairs and Folding Chairs, Conference Tables, Cabinets, Filling Cabinets, Book Shelves, Coffee Tables, Safe Boxes, White Boards, Cork board, Shelves & etc.