The SSGT (Sam Sahraeyan General Trading) Construction and Logistic Services is a Woman owned company registered with SAM and Has DUNS and CAGE Codes, with the mission of supply, construction, logistics and services to assist the U.S. Armed Forces and Government in this vital mission. These services are extended to include full support to US Armed Forces and the Government Branches with the best quality services and completed in a timely manner. We intend to provide outstanding services and products to maintain a high degree of quality to the highest U.S. Standards possibleThe Owner/Operator/Management of SSGT Company has provided Operations, Maintenance (O&M), Supply and Services throughout Afghanistan from 2006 to 2011.

The Owner/Operator/Management of SSGT Company has performed numerous of the awarded contracts from the US Government (BAF, Comp Phoenix, Camp Eggers, US Corps of Engineers and PAE in Afghanistan) for the US Armed Forces, Coalition Forces, and ANA (Afghan National Army) & ANP (Afghan National Police) under the name of different companies. Now we are using 6 years experiences with the new company by the name of SSGT.